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Are you ready to dazzle your lashes?

eylure-ready-to-wear-false-eyelashes Different Brands Of False Eyelashes.

Most women are wearing eyelashes now a days, whether that is for a night out or on a daily basis. There are all different brands out there selling eyelashes in all different styles. They do range in price you can find eyelashes for £1 all the way up to £15.

They can be purchased off the high street or over the Internet. Its hard to say where would be best to purchase your eyelashes from as the high street allows you to see the eyelashes in real life and compare their quality, but you will find much cheaper prices online.

Some of the more popular brands around at the moment are Eylure, MAC and Love Lashes.

Love Lashes are quite a new brand and are only available to purchase online. They have many different styles of eyelashes from natural lashes, which are great to wear through the day they also have volume and diamante lashes for nights out and parties. They are currently retailing for £4 and are well worth the money.

Eylure are the most popular eyelashes of the moment and can be purchased almost anywhere, even in your local supermarket. The average prices for these eyelashes are £6 and again they do many different styles to suit all people and all occasions. They also do pre glued lashes, which are great for people who struggle with applying false eyelashes or doneylure-naturalites-upper-lower-feathery’t have the time.

The other brand people love is MAC. MAC eyelashes are great quality but are the most expensive out of the three and retail for around £10.

So what are you waiting for? Show your lashes some love with a little Lashizzle by visiting there site  – click here.

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