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Creating a ripple effect that will grow your business

word of mouthThe ripple effect is the notion that a single action has an effect over several different entities. When you drop a pebble in a pond, it creates a series of ripples that span out over the water to move surface plants around and disrupt the animals that may be on the water. In business, you need to understand how the ripple effect can affect your business and how the actions you take affect the businesses and people connected to your company. (Chron.com)

As a business showing appreciation to your customers goes a long way in customer retention and new referrals. Showing proper customer appreciation can generate for every business the word of mouth ripple effect, which is a more effective less costly way of advertising your business. I will include three simple steps below that will help increase word of mouth marketing and customer loyalty.

First thing to be aware of, if you want people to recommend your products or services then your work needs to be outstanding. If cannot go above and beyond to get the job done right and meet the expectation of a job well done then you will not get the trust/loyalty from your customers to recommend you.

Secondly, providing follow-up calls to make sure they don’t have any issues, having a customer appreciation day event maybe once a year, providing blog posts with useful and interesting information is a great way to get new feedback from the customer and build the one-on-one rapport to further build trust which leads to referrals.

The last step I recommend is just straight asking for referrals. The internet makes it easy to reach out and share information about companies providing great services, so if you feel awkward asking for referrals just think of all the other ways you can ask within doing so face-to-face. You can ask your customer to “like” your business page on Facebook and encourage them to right a review for you on their too as this is excellent exposure. Most people are on one or more social media sites these days, so don’t be shy to ask for review on Twitter, LinkedIn or even Google +. Placing an email signature that includes a little tag line asking for a review or referral and listing all your social media sites is also another easy step.

In conclusion, if you out the three steps above into play you will have set a strong foundation to build and also grow your word of mouth marketing technique. Word of mouth marketing goes a long way because of the credibility that comes with it and also the fact that it is free. Sometimes we forget about this but a ripple goes a long way.


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